The Lots of Sun Foundation for Special Needs Children


The Lots of Sun Foundation, based in Gavar, Armenia strives to help special needs children and families with special needs children gain access to education and health services to ensure a basic standard of living in the Armenian for these children. It is a difficult task as the Armenian Highlands are economically disadvantaged and there remains a social stigma upon special needs children. This stigma is the what the Lots of Sun Foundation strives to overcome thus involving wonderful children who are a bit different in society.


To support special needs children and their families by helping them gain access to education services such as occupational therapy and education in a special needs context. Additionally, the Lots of Sun Foundation helps to improve the health of the children by focusing the efforts of governmental programs and donors to break down the barriers that prevent the children from accessing these services. Due to the economic difficulties involved in the Armenian Highlands, most of the Lots of Sun Foundation beneficiaries struggle with poverty thus adding to their burden of gaining access to basic education and health services.


The Lots of Sun Foundation’s currently focuses on the greater Gegharkunik Region of Armenia. Due to the remote and rural nature of much of the region and the low income of the population, Lots of Sun Foundation strives to help parents get children out of their home and into society where the child can increase thier learning and health. Cooperating with many organisations in Armenia and abroad, the Lots of Sun Foundation welcomes anyone who wishes to join the struggle to ensure access to basic services for children with special needs.