About Us


Founded in 2006, the Lots of Sun Foundation was founded by a group of people who were wished to solve an invisible problem in the Armenian Highlads; basic education and health for children with special needs. Associated with Gavar Special School, the founders came from the greater Gavar region. Gavar, being the region’s capital, seemed best placed to leverage national and international support while remaining connected to those areas most challenged.

Upon founding of the foundation, many organizations donated time and money with Lots of Sun’s help to reach the over 700 special needs children in Gegharkunik alone.


Lavrik Arevshatyan, Chairman ::  A businessman turned school director, Lavrik has served as a volunteer and faciliator in helping children with special needs all over Armenia. Based in Gavar, he leads the Gavar Special School and provides a critical link between the government activities and the philanthropic activities to assist the various beneciaries.

Khachik Marinosyan, Member :: An entreprenur based in Gavar, Khackik volunteers his energy to help further the mission of the Lots of Sun Foundation by assisting with technical questions and providing oversight to the Foundation’s activities.

Varduhi Shahinyan, Member :: Lecturer, entrepreneur and researcher, Varduhi provides insights into how to understand the economic and social problems facing the Armenian Highlands.

Jason Sprague, Member :: Consultant and entrepreneur, Jason leads the international development efforts bringing focus upon the issues of special needs children in the Armenian Highlands.